10 things only Bulldog owners will understand


Everything considered ugly in a human is cute on a Bulldog:
wrinkles, short legs, floppy cheeks and a fat butt or belly
It’s all good and beautiful when you are a Bulldog


We are English Bulldogs but we kiss French
With a lotta tongue 😛
It might take some time to get used to
but you will learn to love these wet & slobbery kisses


We know how to Chill
You will never know what true comfort is
until you have a Bulldog at home
Need to relax?

Get a Bulldog!
They will teach you
how to get into that totally Zen state

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Snoring and farting sounds
have the same effect on Bulldog owners
as lounge or mediation music has on ‘normal people’ 

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Bulldog Butts

The most Beautifull Butts in the World..
are Bulldog Butts!

All Bulldog owners know it and love it,
there is no butt that can beat the Bulldog Butt
We cannot get enough of these cute Butts
and we see them everywhere!

A collection of the cutest and most beautiful Bully Butts.
I divided them in the following categories:

• I like Big Bulldog Butts
• Tiny Tooshies
• Baggy Butts
• Smart Asses
• Bikini Butts
• Dropping Derrieres
• Shake that Ass

I Like Big Bulldog Butts
and I cannot Lie

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Bulldog Weddings

Your wedding is the best day of your Life.
An experience you share with your family and friends
So all Bulldog owners know by ♥ that their Bulldog
should also have a special moment on that special day.

Here are some examples of Bulldogs
making the best day of your life even better

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Oh and if you are planning to propose to someone
bring a Bulldog!
It’s impossiBull to say no
to anyone who gives you a Bulldog puppy

Whatever jobtitle you give your Bulldog
on that special day, ring bearer, flower girl or best man
Your Bulldog will happy to play the role

For the single people wanting to have a wedding party
find a partner for your Bulldog
and just marry your Dogs 😀

There is no shame in it
Even John Legend does it


Summertime is sunshine, play and happiness …
and what better way to enjoy the summer than with your dog?

The dangers of Summer

Besides all the fun summer can be, the heat can also be a danger for dogs,
there are risks of heatstrokes, sunburns, dehydration and burned paws.
For Bulldog owners and owners of other shortnosed breeds,
there are extra precautions you need to take, to prevent over heating.

Here are some tips, by taking some simple precautions,
you and your dog can enjoy the summer months together.

Do not underestimate the Heat

Unfortunately a lot of dog owners underestimate the dangers of overheating.
A lot of times they think:

• My dog is in good condition and can run for hours
therefor it will not overheat → Your dog can have the best condition
in the world but all dogs are susceptible to overheating

• We live in a warm climate so my dog is used to the heat →
Eventhough your dog lives in  a warm climate it will still be
at risk of overheating

• My dog never had any problems with the heat before
so I don’t need to take precautions → What never happened before
can still happen in the future just because
your dog didn’t have any problem with the heath before
will not exclude him or her from heatstroke

• My dog has enough water and will come inhouse when
he or she gets hot → A dog cannot regulate their temperature
as well as humans can and often the dog will not come inside
when getting too hot. So keep an eye on your dog when outside
in the heat even when in the garden and make sure
to get him or her inside before overheating

• I keep my dog inside during the heat so it cannot overheat →
Inside temperatures can still be too high and can also cause overheating

A Dog’s temperature

A dogs body is less efficient at cooling themselves than people,
so they are more susceptible to overheating.
A dog’s normal body temperature is 100-102 degrees.
They have sweat glands on their nose and pads of their paws
which they use to pant and drink water to cool down.

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