Bulldog Profile: Bungle

Meet: Bungle the Bulldog!
Name              Bungle
D.O.B             04.12.2009
Family Size    3 including Bungle
Colour            Fawn & White
Nick Name      Chops
Weight           24kg
Toys               His favourite is his chicken flavour Nylabone but he loves a Frisbee
Loves             Cuddles and attention
Dislikes          Tape measures and plastic bags
Health            Good
Sounds          He has a different bark for different things so we know exactly what he’s
after. He makes a funny noise when happy & content like a cat purring.
He snores so loud you can hear him from a different floor /  room of the
Bungle doin’ a great E.T. Impression
Obedience                    4 ****
Playful                          5 *****
Guard dog                    5 *****
Snores                         5 *****
Intelligence                   5 *****
Conditioning                 5 *****
Social with other dogs   4 ****
Active                          5 *****
Farts                           3 ***
Social with kids            5 *****
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