Bulldog Butts

The most Beautifull Butts in the World..
are Bulldog Butts!

All Bulldog owners know it and love it,
there is no butt that can beat the Bulldog Butt
We cannot get enough of these cute Butts
and we see them everywhere!

A collection of the cutest and most beautiful Bully Butts.
I divided them in the following categories:

• I like Big Bulldog Butts
• Tiny Tooshies
• Baggy Butts
• Smart Asses
• Bikini Butts
• Dropping Derrieres
• Shake that Ass

I Like Big Bulldog Butts
and I cannot Lie

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When you think of Ballet
you will probably think of
an exquisite dancer
with grace
and a lean flexible body…

Not exactly the first thing
that comes to mind
when you think about Bulldogs

But you will be suprised!
Bulldogs have proven
to be very fit
as a Ballerina
or should I say
Bullerina ?

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Bulldog Butts are the cutest thing in the world
and putting that in a tutu makes it even cuter

I may never be a Ballerina.
I may never get the chance.

But that won’t stop me,
from learning how to dance

Do you have a Bullerina you want to add to this Blog?
Upload your Bullerina on the Baggy Bulldog Forum

A little Boy and his Bull

Dave introduces Bella the Bulldog. A cute video of a loving boy talking about his dog…I think he uses the word cute, kind and nice about seven times and in the mean time he is giving his dog kisses and hugs..Now how cute is that?
I say we all give a comment and thumbs on youtube for David and Bella!

Bulldog Swag

Yeah..I’m Cool Like That!
It’s Wallpaper size