English Bulldog Colors

Standard and Non standard colors

The English Bulldog coat comes in a variety of colors
There are standard and non standard colors
Standard colors are colors approved by the kennel clubs

The English Bulldog, is not recognised in any colour
that is not listed in the breed standard by the Kennel Clubs
For example black, lilac and chocolate colors
are all marked on their pedigree as unrecognised colors

So what standard and non standard colors are there?


Fawn/ Fallow

A combination of the standard colors
like red and white
are considered a standard color

Non Standard Colors



Black Mask
White Markings

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Are non standard colors more prone to health problems?

There is a lot of debat wether Bulldogs with non standard colors
are more likely to have breed specific health problems
However in my research, I could find a lot of peoples opinions
but I could not find any scientific research or statistics on this subject

So the next question would be:
Are non standard colors more prone to health problems
or are bad breeders more likely to breed non standard colors
for financial reasons?

In the Netherlands, we rarely see
non standard colored Bulldogs,
in fact, we never had one in the rescue,
so I cannot judge from my own experience
But here is some helpful input from our members:

Jane Grace:
I follow several bulldog rescues
and they report seeing more health issues
with non-standard coloured dogs
than the regular coloured ones.
They see more occurrences of cleft palates,
spina bifida and hydrocephalus.
The non standard colours are very sought after
here in the US, unfortunately they come
at a cost to the dogs by way of health.

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Bulldog Rescues and Animal Shelters

A list of Bulldog Rescue Organisation, Animal Shelters and other Animal Welfare organisations.

Bulldog Rescue Organisations









Animal Welfare Organisations

http://www.dogstarfoundation.com a website to improve the life of dogs in Sri Lanka
http://www.petfinder.com/index.html a website to find all sorts of pets in need of a home

If you like to add a Rescue Group, Animal Shelter or Animal Welfare organisation,  please mail the following information (website, catagory, contactinformation) to baggybulldogs@gmail.com

Bulldog Weight

A lot of dogs are overweight these days, putting them at risk of joint pain, diabetes, and shortened life spans. Several studies show that more than half of all pets are overweight or obese. The reasons for this obesisty is the same reason for obesity with people. An unhealthy diet and not enough excersise. Just as we’re eating larger portions and more snacks than a decade ago, so are our pets. Because our lives are busier, we’re less likely to get the exercise we need and less likely to take a long walk with our dogs. It might seem that an extra pound or two on our fourlegged companions isn’t so terrible. But that little bit can be a significant percentage of a pet’s total weight.

Some owners disregard the health hazards associated with overweight pets and instead focus on how cute their fat puppy looks. But overfeeding a fat dog is basically a form of cruelty. Overweight and obese pets not only have shorter life spans but also suffer from more medical problems during their lives, including back pain, arthritis, kidney disease, and diabetes, they’re also more expensive to care for as a result. Your dog can become stressed, depressed or agressive from an unhealthy lifestyle or diet. So it’s not only in the best interest for their physical health it is also very important for their mental health to get the right food and in combination with the right amount of excersise.

Bulldogs Weight

With Bulldogs I think this is even more important than with most other breeds. The Bulldog is a dog that might be hard to judge on weight cause of its unusual build. A lot of people think that Bulldogs are overweight when they are not. Some dogs are just build with broad chests will be labeled fat. But on the other hand there are a lot of Bulldog owners who love the natural chubbyness and wrinkles of the bulldog and by adding more pounds they think they are making their dog look better. Conclusion: You need to know the difference between muscle and fat and know that overweight dogs are not cute but unhealthy and unhappy.

How to Weigh your Dog

For puppies and small dogs you can use a kitchen scale.  To weigh your dog correctly, weigh yourself while holding your dog, then weigh yourself and substract your weight from the total. To check up on your dogs health it is best to regularly check your dogs weight. On average a Bulldogmen will weigh about 53-56 pounds (25-30kg)  and bitches  will weigh about 49-52 pounds (21-26kg). When your dog weighs more than the average it does not necessarily mean your dog is overweight.  If you have any doubt about your dogs weight contact your vet.

1 kg is ± 2.2 pounds

Read more on Dog Food and Dog Diets here:

Cherry Eye

A cherry eye is also called a third eyelid.

A cherry eye is not life threatening but can cause irritation and other medical problems such as inflamed nose wrinkles due to excessive teary eyes.
This way it becomes infected and causes injury to the eye.
The cause of cherry eyes is not yet determined with certainty. Some think due to the hereditary predisposition and the degree of folding in the face is a possible cause.

If a dog has a cherry eye, you can see a pink lump in the corner of the dog’s eye. The size of the lump differs between 0,5 and 1,5 centimetres.


Cherry eye can be treated in two different ways.

First people will first try using ointment massaging the third eyelid into place.
However sometimes this does not work or will only work temporarily. If so it is necessary for medical intervention.

Secondly, there are two ways of corrective surgery for cherry eyes.
The veterinarian can remove the entire third eyelid performing a small medical procedure with a local anesthetic.
The disadvantage of this method and that is that the eyes can dry out quicker causing damage to the cornea.
The other surgical procedure preserves the third eyelid. Here the lid is attached to the inside of the eye with several stitches.
This ensures the probability a shortage of tears does not occur.
The disadvantage of this method is that the dog needs to go undergo general anesthesia which is always a risk.
There is also a chance that the stitches tear making the third eyelid reappear. Repeating the operation is than the only option.

Before starting treatment always consult a veterinarian.

Bulldog Health and Care

The coat of an English Bulldog requires minimal care. Regular brushing is sufficient. However, the wrinkles/folds of the bulldogs face needs to be monitored regularly. The places where the skin overlaps can get infected. There are special lotions and creams available to treat these kinds of skin infections. There are various methods and remedies for cleaning the skin folds. I use baby wipes for cleaning the wrinkles. And for a more thorough cleaning I use Sudocrem. My experience is that most bulldogs need a weekly brushing and cleaning.

When giving a bulldog their bath it is important that to wash with dog shampoo. Shampoo for humans often contains substances that are harmful for the skin of the dog.

For more information on bathing your Bulldog read the following:

The nails of the dog should be regularly monitored. Check to see if the nails are not too long and take extra care of the big toe nail. The nails can be cut with a special cutter for dog nails. Make sure when you do cut their nails you do not cut them too short. If you can’t do it yourself your vet can help with this.

Ensure the ears of the dogs are regularly cleaned. I do this with baby wipes and for a thorough cleaning I use foam lotion. There are several types of medicines and lotions available to clean dog ears at pet stores or at your veterinarian.

Many people confuse fat with muscle and with this thought make their bulldogs unhealthy. When bulldogs are overweight, the load is too heavy for their joints and their heart must work much harder when exercising. This is similar to people with an unhealthy fitness.

The English Bulldog is strongly built and naturally a fit dog. The normal weight of a male is between 25 and 30 kilograms and for a female between 20 and 25 kilograms. If your bulldog is above or below this weight it is not immediately too heavy or too thin. Each bulldog, like every human, is different in terms of construction and bones. If you are unsure about the weight of your dog consult your veterinarian.

The English Bulldog breed has some breed specific health problems. The bulldog is prone to allergies and skin problems. And certain genetic abnormalities occur like shortness of breath, joint problems or cherry eyes. It is important that bulldog breeders take responsibility breeding healthy bulldogs and owners give them the proper medical care when needed.

It is important to mention that the Internet is useful information supply.
Beware: Never act on an internet diagnosis and always consult an expert or veterinarian.