Army & Marine Bulldogs

The Bulldog is known to be a mascot for many things like sport clubs and universities. But probably the oldest and most well known mascot is the  Navy and Army Bulldog. So how did the Bulldog become the Marine, Navy & Army mascot?

The year was 1917 when America declared war against Germany and joined allied forces in France in World War I. The first real test in battle for the United States Marine Corps was the battle at Belleau Wood in 1918.

The Germans had advanced to within 50 miles of Paris. The battle raged for almost a month before the Marines were finally victorious. General Pershing said it was the most important battle fought by American forces since the Civil War. It was during the battle of Belleau Wood where the fighting spirit of the Marines and soon to be mascot, the English Bulldog, became synonymous.

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