Lewis Hamilton’s Bully Roscoe Sings

Lewis Hamilton has melted the hearts of some of his fans after sharing a cute clip of his dog Roscoe attempting to ‘sing’.

The Formula One driver posted the video in the lead-up to this weekend’s French Grand Prix, where the Brit took pole for his Mercedes team on Saturday.

In the clip , the 34-year-old’s beloved bulldog can be seen attempting to sing along to a Specsavers advert playing in the background.

The five-time world champion captioned the short clip: “So I’m not sure what my mum was listening to but my buddy Roscoe loves to sing to whatever.”

The video seemed to melt the hearts of some of those watching it, with one commenting: “What a beautiful voice you have Roscoe.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

A little Boy and his Bull

Dave introduces Bella the Bulldog. A cute video of a loving boy talking about his dog…I think he uses the word cute, kind and nice about seven times and in the mean time he is giving his dog kisses and hugs..Now how cute is that?
I say we all give a comment and thumbs on youtube for David and Bella!

Bulldog Yoga

Yoga Lessons from Bulldogs. The Five Basics to do a proper Yoga Bulldog Work Out.
Thank You all for sending in your photos and videos.

Viewers in Germany can not watch the video cause of musicrights, for those viewers go to Baggy Bulldogs on Youtube and click the video without music.

Some trainingtips on how to do Yoga together with your Bulldog.

And for some more Relaxtion, Bulldog Lessons in Sleeping and Relaxation

Rubbing his Butt Parody

A Short Parody of Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up by Sean Lee
Starring Gus the Bulldog Rubbing his Butt..Butt…Butt… against the bathtub
and his owners in the bathtub playing guitar and a hopping unicorn..it doesnt get any better than that:D