Diarrhea is a common problem in dogs, usually it will pass within one or two days but it can also be caused by more serious health problems. So if needed consult your vet, especially if the diarrhea is severe or occurs frequently


What to Watch For


Loose stools are of course, the main indicator of diarrhea. Diarrhea varies in frequency, duration, and intensity from dog to dog. Diarrhea may also be accompanied by vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain or lethargy

Primary Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs


Acute diarrhea is often due to:

• Eating non dog food: like scavenging or eating food outside their diet like food scraps

• Stress

• A sudden change in diet: like switching their food without a transition period

• Bacterial, viral or parasitic infections

Home Treatment for Acute Diarrhea

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