The 10 Dog Commands

The 10 Commands for Dogs

It may sound like a list of religious standards for Dogs 😉
but it is a simple and basic way to communicate
with your Dog and to keep your Dog safe
by using these 10 commands

Basic Commands

Your Bulldog is your best friend,
but a Dog must have good manners,
so people and dogs around will enjoy it’s company
Dogs are able to learn a variety of commands
and by learning them your dog will be
socialized, friendly and controlled

Teaching your dog to understand
a vocabulary of basic commands
will go a long way towards
alleviating misunderstandings

Every dog owner should establish
a list of Basic Commands to train with
These commands will create
a foundation of communication
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Like sit, the down command is
an essential part of doggy etiquette

Lying down is one of the harder commands
for dogs to learn, but it’s very useful
Dogs who understand ‘down’ are much more
welcome in cafes and other public places,
and much more pleasant to have near the dinner table

It’s also useful to help with social tension between dogs
when they are on the leash and
an approaching dog is scared or unsure
Give your dog the down command
This will help the other dog to feel safe and pass by

Laying down is also a good way to calm the dog
but try not to use the down command as a correction

I myself use different commands
for down and calm down
The down command should be about the position
the calming down, is not a position but a state of mind


Get a nice smelling treat
and hold it in your closed hand
First ask your dog to sit, later on you can teach
to lie down from standing, but it’s easiest to start from a sit

Place your hand up to your dog’s nose
allowing it to sniff the treat
Your dog will follow the movement with his body,
lowering his head and stretching toward the treat
After your dog is in the prone position, say Down
Give your dog the treat and praise it