Bulldog Beach Walks

A few years ago I thought it would be nice to go dogwalking with other bulldogs and bulldogowners. So I invited people online to come for a Bulldog walk on the beach. I thought that maybe a few bulldogs and owners would show up or that maybe no one would respond to the invite. As I approached the beach it was literally full of bulldogs, I think there were about 50/70 bulldogs and twice as much owners. I was totally shocked by the amount of people and dogs and totally not prepared for such a big crowd. But allthough I was not quite prepared, it was a Huge succes!
A day of Bulldogs wobblin through the dunes, running on the beach, bulldogs dipping and diving in the sea, owners comparing and talking about their dogs and at the end all the dogs and owners enjoying the sunset on the terrace.

Ever since that 1st Bulldog Beach Walk , I was hooked and Ive been organizing these Walks now for several years at least once a year and a couple of times also a Winter Walk. It always takes a lot of preparation and time to organise these walks; sending invitations,  making reservations, explore new routes, find help with photography, video and crowdcontrol, but all the time and effort is totally worth it.

For most people the biggest returning events each year are birthdays and holidays…My Best day each year is the Bulldog Walk:D

It is always an amazing day and each time I think it can’t get any better but it each time it does:D
Every year there are more people coming,  there were even people coming from other countries to attend the walk.

Here is an impression of the Bulldog Walks in pictures and videos:

At this moment I am planning and preparing for the next Bulldog Walk.

I can’t w8 !

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