Bulldog Sounds

Bulldog are known for their loyal character and good looks…
But there is one more thing that makes a Bulldog a Bulldog… Their sound!
Allthough the Bulldog rarely barks, they do Love to talk.  They have their own unique language to communicate with us humans.

Now turn up your volume and enjoy the Beautiful Bulldog Sound!

The Best Puppy Sound ever

Hershey needs Love..

A conversation with the Chief

There are some Bulldogs with a real singing voice…
Like Fred who is not only a Pavarotti but also an elephant impersonator:

Miss Bean sitting besides my desk crying and whining for attention..

Now how can I say no to that…? Makes me laugh everytime!

Bentley Says…

Newton a Bulldog who has an emotional meltdown when asked to go on a walk

Or here we have Chuck Norris, who is riding in the backseat of the car and feeling lonely:

Crying for Cookies

Storm also in desperate need of cookies

Titus wants to sleep in Bed

Little Tebow has something to say

Now the French Bulldogs, they are another story.

They are French and really have their own language, accent and sound..
and what a sound it is!

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*updated 10-09-13*

No Weally Imma Bear..Roarr

tumblr_me86x32o2u1rc2v5jo1_500Source: Les Manies de Virginie
Photograph is copyrighted used with consent of the owner, Thank You!

French Bully Set on Fire

Graphic Video 18+
This poor dog was set on fire and than left for dead on the streets..
I hope the little fellow gets well soon and I hope they found the sick person who did this.

Does anybody have more info on this subject?
The video was posted 5 days ago, anybody a location, newsvideo or other link?
So the story of this dog is told and maybe the interwebs can help find the sick person responsible for this cruel and horrific act

Please share and when you have more info/weblinks please post as a comment.