In Loving Memory


It has been years but it still seems like yesterday, the day I got my first bulldog Baggy. Baggy was two years old when I adopted her. I always wanted an English Bulldog ever since I could remember. I knew that when I was ready to be a dogowner myself, I would get an English Bulldog and was dreaming of that moment since I was a little girl. That moment finally arrived when I adopted Baggy. Her former owners got her as a puppy unfortunately they had to give her up for adoption.

I went to meet Baggy and fell in Love straight away. Baggy (she was called Bagheera back then) was a small but strong female with a very cute face and an even better character. Baggy came straight at me wagging her tail and gave me a greeting full of kisses and enthousiasm. I knew she would be my dog the moment when I looked into her loving eyes.


Baggy was not only what I already expected a bulldog to be like, sweet, loyal and cuddly, more than that she was perfectly trained. I could easily leave her off the leash and I never had to correct her. She loved the World and was a friend to all dogs, kids and people in the neighborhood.  In a very short period she had her own fanclub at the dogpark and was almost a dogcelebrity here in the neighbourhood. Going with me to work and demanding hugs and kisses from everyone, stopping by on the local supermarket to get treats from the owner, everywhere she went she made friends for life. When walking her through the “Haagsche Bos” (forest/park in The Hague)  she could practice her favorite hobby:  dragging logs. If you threw a branch she always came back with an entire tree (she probably thought the branch I threw was insignificant and she would bring me something better).

Her character was very playful, she loved to play but not alone she would always invite dogs or people to her playing parties.  Before I adopted Baggy I read every book on Bulldogs I could find, searched the internet on information and when I got Baggy she showed me that most, of what I assumed was fact, was in fact not true at all. Bulldogs can’t swim, bulldog are low energy dogs, bulldogs are not protectors and bulldogs are stubborn and not really smart. Baggy loved to swim, was full of energy, guarded me and the house with her life and was a very intelligent dog.

Baggy TakUnfortunately I only had Baggy for a few months, after a couple of months she became ill. The veterinarian diagnosed a probable infected uterus and advised it was best to remove the uterus. Baggy would need surgery. During the operation, the veterinarian made several medical mistakes, it appeared that the uterus was not infected but that is was a twisted spleen. The vet had not only misdiagnosed but also decided not to operate the spleen. Baggy was very weak after the operation and could no longer handle a second operation. After laying besides her for two nights she died. I learned it were medical mistakes after consulting several veterinarians. The veterinarian has admitted to his mistakes therefore I did not have to pay the costs of surgery. But what did that help…? I lost my Dog and my Best Friend. I was very sad losing her as in the short period we were together she had stolen my heart. From that moment on I knew that because of Baggy, there would always be an English Bulldog by my side.

Baggy showed me what a beautiful dog an English Bulldog really is, from the outside but even more so on the inside. This is why I dedicated the blog to this special bulldog named Baggy.

Ode to Baggy
Baggy, even though you were gone too soon, I am more than grateful for the time we spent together. You were my first dog and exceeded all my expectations. You were a small but very tough bulldog with a heart of gold.

A Bulldog that completely crushed some people’s prejudice that they might have had about bulldogs. You were all energy, you could run and swim with the best and was more obedient than Lassie.

This blog, the bulldog beach walks, the rescues..
It’s all in honor of you, my 1st Bulldog ♥ Baggy.

Baggy, Rest in Peace, you are Forever in my heart ♥.