Miss Bean

Misses Bean

Misses Bean is quirky and funny Bulldog and therefore was given the name of the famous TV Persona Mr Bean. I changed Mr to Misses for obvious reasons.

Date of Birth      18 March 2006
Colour               Brindle and white
Nick names        Beanie, Pirate, Propeller
Weight              30 kilograms
Toys                  She is not really into toys with 1 exception toys with squeaky sounds
Loves                To travel, rolling around in piles of sand and o.c. Food
Dislikes              Getting up early in the morning, bathing or having her nails clipped
Health                She is a happy healthy dog, she does have an allergy for some flowers
Sounds              Bean does not really bark it is more of a sigh. She acts like a guard
dog she is very watchful for things like shadows on the wall. Bean says
ouuff  in stead of woof.

I adopted Bean when she was 3 years old. And she felt at home right away.
Allthough the first meeting with James didn’t go too well, they soon became best friends.
I adopted a lot of Bulldogs in my life and most of them with behaviour problems, wich I could fix in a few days or weeks most of the time. Miss Bean was an exception, she really showed her character and stubbornness. The first months I couldnt wash her properly, put on cream (for her allergies back than) and clipping her nails took at least three veterinarians and me to do so. It took about 6 months before she really learned and accepted things, but clipping her nails is still a hassle.

Bean is a real clown. The spot on her eye, her waggling tail and a huge pink tung hanging out all the time, Bean makes almost everyone laugh only by looking at them.
I think it’s the intelligent look on her face that makes for many laughs. Bean loves to travel. If a train, car or tram even passes by she goes nuts and wants to hop aboard immediately. She is very playful and likes to spin circles when she is having fun.
When happy her butt wiggles from side to side and her tail is wiggling all the time like a little propeller. Bean is a very loveable dog, she has no interest in running after things unless its for food, she has no interests for balls or skateboards she just wants to hug all day.

She is a good guarddog, but if she was not, she would still protect the house without her knowing. Every burglar listening at my door will think I keep a Grizzly Bear as a pet by listening to the snoring and growling sounds she produces when she sleeps.

And when she is awake..the sound doesn’t get much better; -)

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