Some dogs have a way of pushing their way
to the front of the line when they want to go
through doors or down narrow hallways
Telling them to wait lets them know
they are not supposed to go
until you tell them to

The command Wait will help you tremendously
When you have to open the car doors for example
you can teach them to wait
until you put their leashes on
before jumping out of the car

Teaching him to wait lets him know
that he has to stand still for a short time
until you are finished with some task
Teach him to wait until you give him permission
to go through a door, for instance or before crossing the street


Open your door and give him enough leash
that he could walk through the door
When he is at the front of the door,
pull the leash and say, Wait
If he doesn’t listen, pull the leash
and release a little in quick succession

Praise him and give him a treat when he finally gets it
Practice until he waits until you are through the door
and then allow him to follow

Make sure to practice this command
in different situtations
so your dog will understand
the differences