The Bulldog a Guard Dog?

The Bulldog by nature is a very social and calm dog, who rarely barks and is not very observant of its surroundings. There is not much that can distract a Bulldog of one of its most important tasks: Beauty Naps. From experience, I can say that most Bulldogs would welcome any visitor into their home, known or unknown. If they wake up, the burglar will probably receive a happy, warm and wiggly welcome.

I always joked that they do have a preventive use against burglars… If the burglar would listen at the door, they will think you have a grizzly bear snoring on your couch and he will mostly likely skip your house.

But in most cases the Bulldog is not very protective. Of course there are always exceptions. I have seen Bulldogs who grew up on a farm with other guard dogs and who copied the behaviour. But if you are looking for a dog to protect your property the English Bulldog is definitely not a good match. The American Bulldog however is very fit as a guard dog.

The English Bulldog is commonly portrayed as a fierce, persevering or even aggressive, but in reality the English Bulldog is none of that. They are softies, highly social and loving couch potatoes.

But there is one very important exception to this rule; the Bulldog will not care much about your home or property but it will do anything for its family. Because Bulldogs are so highly social, loyal and devoted and they will do anything to protect their family and friends.

Bulldogs are known to be one of the best babysitters in dog form. They are very gentle with kids and they will follow them around everywhere. A Bulldog will try to save its family by jumping into a lake even when it cannot swim. They will protect the other pets in the home and they will stick up for their doggy friends in the park. No matter what the danger is, the English Bulldog will come to the rescue.

To me this is way more important than my home or my stuff. When you have a Bulldog in your Home you have a family protector. I don’t care if a burglar takes my stuff, my dog is my family and is therefor way more valuable than anything I own. With a Bulldog in your Home you know you have your own guardian angel.

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It’s the effort and intention that counts 😉

Bully to the Rescue!

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