The Bulldog Top 10 of 2013

It was a great year for Baggy Bulldogs. Twelve Bulldogs found new loving and forever homes. We had a wonderful day with the Bulldog Beach Walk. Baggy Bulldogs online is growing every day! Over 50.000 Bulldog Fans found the way to our page or connected and shared with us on Twitter, Facebook,  Pinterest and Tumblr.

Thank You all for  helping by sharing. I can’t emphasize this enough; To all you sharing your daily Bulldog Cuteness Thank You for sharing the Bulldog Love ♥ 

Baggy Bulldogs in 2014 will do exactly the same as we did last year, only more. Spreading Bulldog Cuteness, Rehoming Bulldogs in the Netherlands, Stop Animal Cruelty and Educate people about the beautifull breed that is… The English Bulldog ♥

I wish You all a Happy, Healthy, and LoveaBull 2014!
Much ♥ Sabrina
James Hond 007 and Miss Bean

The Bulldog Top 10 of 2013

1. Bulldogs and Animal Friends
2. Bulldog plays with a Lion and a Tiger
3. Bulldog Talk
4. Famous Bulldogs
5. Bulldog Halloween
6. Bulldog Hall of Shame
7. Bulldog Farts
8. Raising a Bulldog
9. Skateboarding Bulldogs
10. Bulldog Cartoons

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