The meaning of M’s Bulldog (James Bond Skyfall)


In several scenes, of the movie Skyfall from James Bond you can see a Royal Doulton china Bulldog on M’s desk. The figure is not just a movieprop but plays a significant role in the movie plot. In the opening sequence, when M is writing Bond’s obituary, the bulldog is facing outward as if M is watching England. Throughout the rest of the movie, the bulldog is facing M, as if England is watching M. When she wills the bulldog to Bond, she’s giving him responsibility for England. The figure, which dates back to the 1940’s features in the James Bond saga and can be seen in several of the film’s shots. The dog, which sits on M’s desk, survives an explosion and plays a significant role in the film’s final scenes.

The company behind the Bulldog figure is Royal Doulton. A spokesman stated: “Since the 19th Century the Bulldog has symbolised the steely determination of the British character and, given wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s uncanny facial resemblance to the dog, it was inevitable that the 1940’s saw a bulldog-linked propaganda and imagery. Jack has been produced alongside two other bulldogs, Alfie, who sports a trendy London motif, and Patch, who models a map of Great Britain on its coat.



My own Bulldog was names after James Bond, his name James Hond 007
(Hond means Dog in dutch).


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  1. Susan Lance

    I have a Bulldog, similar to this one, but it is one of the originals. It is orange, blue and white with closed left eye. I would be interested in getting a price quote

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