Types of Bulldog Breeds

There are several types of Bulldog breeds
The most common Bulldogs are
the English, French and American Bulldog

Although they all
have the Bulldog characteristics,
their personalities and looks differ

For instance, the American Bulldog
is a perfect guard dog
but the English and French Bulldogs
will either sleep through a burglary
or welcome the burglars with hugs and kisses

In most cases,
the larger breeds are the more active/energetic
and tend to be a little more dominant
than the smaller Bulldog breeds

Even though their character and looks may differ,
they all have some Bulldog qualities in common
They all make great family pets
and are very loyal and stable dogs
If you are looking for a Bulldog as a pet,
make sure to read up on
their character descriptions and basic needs

All dogs differ
Even when they are from the same family
Bulldogs, however, seem to have diversified in so many ways

In my personal opinion,
if you put 50 German Shepard’s
or 50 Labradors together
you will easily find two dogs who are almost identical

Do the same with Bulldogs
and you would not find a identical Bulldog
Bulldogs all have a very characteristic face and build
and none of them look alike

If you are looking for a Bulldog as a pet,
make sure to read up on the breed
so you will choose the breed that matches
your family, your lifestyle, experience
and needs of both you and the dog

A lot of the larger Bulldog breeds
are still exposed to ear cropping and tail docking
I intentionally posted the photos of these dogs
in their natural way

(I could not find a natural photo 
of the Pakastani Bulldog 
so if anyone has one please share)

Ear cropping and tail docking
unfortunately is still legal in a lot of countries
In my personal opinion, it is a very sick practice
to cut off pieces of a dog for appearance
Don’t support this form of animal cruelty,
never buy a dog from a breeder
who has dogs with cropped ears or docked tails

Of course the English Bulldog
is my personal favorite
I love their personalities and character
I tried to explain my love
for the Bulldog in this Blog

For me, the English Bulldog is the perfect dog
a friend to all humans and animals
a laid back dog inside the house
and a playful dog outside
a dog with humor and a strong will
and most of all a dog that lives to make you happy
Believe me when I say:
‘Once you go Bulldog you’ll never go back’.

A list of Bulldog Breeds

in alphabetical order

The American Bulldog
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
also called ‘The Otto Bulldog’
Alano Español
also known as the Spanish Bulldog
Australian Bulldog
also called Aussie Bulldog
English Bulldog
also called the British Bulldog

French Bulldog

Pakistani Bull Dog
also known as the Gull Dong
Victorian Bulldog
Old Boston Buldog

Old English Bulldog
Bulldog Campeiro
also known as the Brazillian Bulldog
Banter Bulldog
Catahoula Bulldog
Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldog
also known as the Old Time Bulldog
Mallorquin Bulldog
also known as Ca de Bou
Valley Bulldog

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