The Running of the Bulldogs

The Running of the Bulldogs Final in Canterbury Park

Unusual Friends

Bulldog Stanley and iguana Romeo are Best Friends who love to nap together.

Reviewing a Bulldog like it is an iPhone

This boy has a very original way of reviewing his Bulldog ‘Grizzly Bear’.
I love the way this young man is sharing his love for Bulldogs with so much enthusiasm. Sharing stories that will sound very familiar to all you Bulldog parents.

Bulldog Mascot

After a football game in 1921, a reporter wrote that Gonzaga fought tenaciously like bulldogs. Thus, that description became the new mascot.
Over the years, Gonzaga has had numerous live bulldogs as mascots.

Human mascots replaced live dogs in 1980. Lee Mauney, a student from Hatchie Bottom, Mississippi, introduced the Gonzaga crowd to the first costumed bulldog mascot in 1985.

Well in my opinion, they should have never moved from four legs to two.
The four legged mascot will always win from a human in whatever costume.

Monday Puppy Cuteness

An overdose of Puppy Cuteness to get you through the day.

Bulldog Alarm

This group of Bulldogs do not trust their human’s new Bag, bark the Alarm!

Taco in Training

Taco’s favorite moment of the day is after a walk to show his human how well behaved he is and get rewarded with food. Good Job Taco!

Gentle Giant

A Gentle Giant that’s what a Bulldog is. Bulldog playing with a 4 month old puppy.
How cute are they together? ☺

Monday Puppy Cuteness

This will help you get through Monday, an overdose of Puppy Cuteness ♥