Herbie & Trixie

Everybody Meet Herbie & Trixie!
Herbie is the tan and white bully, he is 2 ½ years old, and unfortunately suffers from both hip dysplasia and Ataxia. This does not stop him from getting about and causing mischief. Trixie is coming up to 6 months old and is my sisters Dog, she loves nothing more than to play with Herbie, and will even jump off the sofa onto his back then onto the floor, in an attempt to have him play with her.  They both love other people and animals and they are always wanting to make new friends. They get on really well with the resident cats, and love to share the rug in front of the fire during the winter months. They live in a small town called Waiuku, New Zealand, and have a 5000 sq meters property to play and when they are worn out they will join me on the sofa to keep me company while I read the Baggy Bulldog Blogs.
Thank You Graham Frith for sharing both Cuties with us ♥

3 thoughts on “Herbie & Trixie

  1. Andrea

    oh look at my cute little baby. Graham likes to think Trixie is the mischevious one, but Herbs can hold his own in that department. I probably wasn’t a big dog lover, but fell in love with Herbie immediately and finally decided to get my little Trix, best decision i made, even a 2 in the morning when she wants to play.

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